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Parties to the contract:
The lessor of LLC "MOK" represented by the director Nikolai Konstantinovich Kharchenko, acting on the basis of the Charter on the one hand, and the full name (resident), hereinafter referred to as the Lessee, Passport: issued on the other hand, have entered into this agreement on the following:

1. Subject of the contract
1.1.The Lessor undertakes to provide the Lessee for temporary possession and use of the property specified in clause
1.2. of this agreement for temporary accommodation and residence, and the Lessee undertakes to pay rent in the amount and terms specified in clauses 3 of this agreement.
1.2. The Lessor undertakes to transfer the following property to the Lessee for temporary use:
quantity: 1 dates: from ___._____.2021 to ___.____.2021 number of residents: ___ adults, ____ children. Located on the territory «L.E.S GLAMPING PARK» by the address: Krasnodar region, mountains. Sochi, Adler district, s. Chvizhipse, Narzannaya st.
1.3.The transfer of property to the Lessee is carried out by the Administration «L.E.S GLAMPING PARK» at the time of the Tenant's arrival at the Base.
1.4. The document confirming the booking and the basis for servicing the Lessee is a voucher.
2. Rights and obligations of the parties
2.1. The landlord is obliged:
2.1.1. Timely transfer the rented Property to the Lessee in accordance with the conditions specified in clauses 1.2 - 1.4. actual agreement.
2.1.2. Provide consulting, information and other assistance in order to make the most efficient use of the rented property.
2.2. The tenant is obliged:
2.2.1. Upon arrival at the Recreation Center, present an identity document - a passport, for a child - a birth certificate or passport, a voucher. The voucher can be presented both in original and in the form of a printed scanned copy.
2.2.2. When checking in, check the availability, condition and completeness of the property in the rented premises (according to the List posted in each issue), comments to which should be immediately brought to the attention of the Administration «L.E.S GLAMPING PARK» within 1 hour after check-in. If, after the specified time, no comments are received regarding the completeness and condition of the leased property, the Lessee is responsible for its loss or damage..
2.2.3. Use the Property in accordance with its purpose and the terms of this agreement.
2.2.4. Observe the rules of fire safety, Rules of residence in "L.E.S. GLAMPING PARK», rules for using electrical outlets and low-power electrical appliances, sanitary requirements, throw garbage only in the designated place.
2.2.5. To independently monitor your valuables, vehicles and other personal belongings (the Lessor does not protect them and is not responsible for their safety).
2.2.6. Carry out parking of personal vehicles only in the territory reserved for parking.
2.2.7. Return the Property after the termination of the contract to the Landlord in the condition in which he received it.
3. Calculations
3.1. The rental price is ________ rubles.
3.2. Payment order - prepayment for the stated number of rental days in the amount of _______ rubles to________ , which is 100% of the rent.
3.3. The rent includes: electric lighting, cold and hot water supply, the use of household appliances in the rented premises, bed linen and towels, use of the parking lot, use of the sauna complex, meals according to the paid tariff.
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