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ZAYKA — author's cuisine restaurant

Аппетитные и изысканные блюда

LES cuisine
The chef has created a unique menu based on local products. In our chefs’ skillful hands, wildfowl, homemade vegetables, seasonal fruits, juicy greens, truffles, Caucasian cheeses and spices turn into culinary masterpiece!
Culinary show
There are no boundaries between you and the kitchen. Our chefs make delicious meals in front of you. Enjoy the cooking show, feel all the flavors, chat with the chef!
Children's menu and animation
Mesmerizing atmosphere
ZAYKA is located in a unique place near the Sochi nature reserve. The territory of 2 hectares, relict forest, where silence and tranquility reign. Centuries-old trees entwined with ivy and moss, tame rabbits and live-fire greet every guest. Restaurant’s philosophy is based on common sense: dishes are focused on a specific moment at a specific time of the year.
On weekends, a family idyll reigns in the restaurant: a comfortable zone is decorated with games for children, and a professional animator arranges master classes for the restaurant’s little guests. During this time, parents have the opportunity to calmly and leisurely enjoy food and socializing with friends.
Table reservation
You can book a table for a company of 2 to 10 people. Our manager will contact you and discuss all the details. Or call us: +7 928 451 9623
Number of persons
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Beautiful place
Located in the valley of two rivers - Medoveevka and the Chvizhepse mineral river. Far from the tourist routes, hidden from prying eyes. ZAYKA will remind you of the magnificent lost world.
Restaurant and SPA in one place
Come to us for relaxation. A combination of untouched nature, original cuisine, spa, and bath-houses complex. We know a lot about pleasure. If you are looking for new experiences, come visit.
How to get here
If you come by car or taxi, the road to us is excellent. We are in Yandex and Google maps. You can also order a transfer from Krasnaya Polyana or the Olympic Park.

Our phone number is +7 928 541 96 23

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